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Dad Jokes

Cristan Campo

Dad Jokes

So you think you’re puny?

A collection of puny and terrible dad jokes for every occasion

Ah, the dad joke—a masterpiece of comedy carefully crafted and thought of by the most adorable and punniest daddies in our lives. These jokes – funny or terrible (or not so funny for a better term) – are often the highlight of any family events, and if you’re not prepared, get ready to be the laughingstock of the century (I’m just POLLEN your leg).

Dad Jokes, So You Think You’re Puny? is a collection of puny and terrible dad jokes for every occasion. While the title itself explains what this book is, you still should not judge this book unless you’re a judge.

So strap up, eggs and sperms — you’ll find jokes on everything from daily conversations with the fam to just about anything (just read it!).

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