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Crochet Central

Isabel belisario

Crochet Central

A simple journal to record all your crocheting adventures.

This is the perfect crochet journal to keep track of all your projects and let your creativity run free.

It has 100 project pages to track your progress, including the project name, start and end dates, yarns and hook size used, supplies, and perhaps a first sketch and finished project picture! You can use the inspiration pages to add photos, drawings, notes and yarn swatches. You’ll be able to look back on it for an immediate spark of inspiration or to reflect on your creative patterns and emotions as your creative journey progresses. You will also find measurement pages for both masculine and feminine frames to quickly measure your body and input it into the journal for an easy place to look back on when creating any clothing pieces.

Research has found that Crocheting and journaling can positively affect mental health and well-being. It has undoubtedly been true for me, and I hope it’ll be the same for you.

Remember that your hard work is worth sharing (even the funny mistakes!). 

Please share your creations with me, @central_crochet, on Instagram.

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