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Sweet Dreams Await

Louisa C. Wade

Sweet Dreams Await

A Timeless Collection of Classic Bedtime Short Stories for Kids

Reading bedtime stories is a cherished part of the bedtime routine for many families. A recent survey by OnePoll found that 86% of parents love telling stories to their kids before bedtime. The survey also found that three in four parents hope they could NEVER stop telling their kids stories, and another 23 percent say they have no plans to stop.

Reading to your kids can help them wind down and relax before going to sleep. It is also a great bonding experience for both parents and kids. Additionally, reading bedtime stories can help to stimulate your kid’s imagination.

Sweet Dreams Await is a collection of classic short stories perfect for reading to kids at bedtime. The stories I carefully picked are enjoyable for parents and kids and can be shared for generations.

Let’s ignite our passion for reading with our kids.

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