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Serial Killers: Their Creation, Crimes, & Capture

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Devon F. Walker

Serial Killers

Their Creation, Crimes, and Capture

The Men Behind The Masks: 13 of the World’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

Why are we so intrigued whenever we hear something like “a serial killer is on the loose?”

Why is there always a tinge of fascination enveloping the fear and the dread?

Many believe that serial killers are unique individuals, possessing traits that we cannot ordinarily identify. Perhaps that is what sets them apart from the rest of us. After all, we do want to believe that we are different- that there is a border between the makings of a man and the makings of a mass murderer. This book is a journey through thirteen of the most fabled and ruthless serial killers of all time. It explores the crimes they committed – but there is more to it. It looks at the ones left behind, the ones that we often forget to remember and celebrate- the survivors and the victims. This book is a glimpse into all of it and then some. Let’s find out, along with learning and understanding much more, together. After all, the intrigue of the unknown is always so fascinating.

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