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Crochet creations by Isabel Belisario

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to spend your free time, crocheting may be the perfect activity for you!

What is crocheting?

Crocheting is a needlework (like sewing and knitting) where you use a crochet hook to create fabric from loops of yarn. It can be used to create *almost* everything from simple handkerchiefs and blankets to bonnets and sweaters.

It is done by interconnecting loops of yarn or thread to create your crochet masterpiece. As compared to knitting, where the stitches are held open as a whole, the stitches in crocheting are finished individually before proceeding to the next.

Before, crocheting is only considered as a popular hobby for the elderly to make use of their time into creating fabrics and clothing for their loved ones. Today, crochetinghas become popular with different age groups as it offers endless possibilities of creating anything and everything.

Here are unique crochet ideas that you can try!

Health Benefits of Crocheting

Crocheting offers several benefits, much like any creative endeavour such as painting and music.

Here are some of its health benefits.

1. Aids in preventing memory loss

image of a cut-out head with four white puzzle pieces

Crocheting has been shown in several studies to reduce age-related memory loss. These crafts are relaxing and help with concentration. Moreover, it promotes brain-body coordination, which has a calming effect. Counting stitches can help you fight dementia.

A study on knitters and crocheters conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota discovered that these hobbies reduce the risk of developing dementia by 40%. That is highly significant!

2. Enhances your problem-solving skills

Hand view of someone crocheting

Crocheting necessitates the use of both hemispheres of your brain. Working on a project requires creative thinking and quick problem-solving abilities, just like in a managerial position.

Have you ever noticed how non-crocheters react when they try to figure out a pattern? Following these complex instructions necessitates both imagination and logic!

3. Boosts your learning abilities

Crochet stuffed toys

This benefit is also heavily reliant on repetition. Crocheting, for example, is essential in forming synapses, which improves your ability to learn new things.

4. Offers relaxation

Still image of an incomplete brown crochet piece

Similar to yoga or meditation, crocheting can offer a state of complete relaxation by repeating specific tasks over time and is very suitable for your brain and your heart.

5. Recharges your brain’s reward system

A crocheted heart at the bottom right with balls of yarn on the upper left

The sense of accomplishment you get from holding a finished crochet project is comparable to eating candy without calories. Your brain’s reward centre is activated when you complete a creative project. It will flood your system with endorphins, improving your mood and self-esteem!

Now that you know what crocheting is and what its health benefits are, it’s time to get those crochet needles and balls of yarn and do some basic crocheting patterns!

We also have an upcoming crochet journal, Crochet Central, which will be released this week! This Crochet Journal can help you improve your crochet skills in various ways. On a practical level, the journal serves as a single, straightforward location for tracking your crochet projects. Furthermore, it can assist you in better identifying ways to improve your life through crochet and creativity!

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