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Thanksgiving blog cover

Why wait until Thanksgiving to express your gratitude? You have the luxury of living your joyous life every single day of the year. So make it a point to recognize your blessings and remind yourself that showing gratitude for all you already have only does more to attract further blessings into your life.

Here are five ways that showing gratitude attracts more abundance into your life:

1. You’ll be thankful for the little things.

thanksgiving message in a heart shaped paper

When you’re in a positive mindset, you’ll learn to appreciate the little things. The sweetest blessings come in the smallest forms. Once you learn to love, recognize, and be thankful for the little things in life, your quality of life will increase because you’ll be aware of how fortunate you really are.

  • Your daughter giving you a drawing that says, “Number one mom!” or your husband picking up your favorite flavor of ice cream are things that you should be thankful for. Your daughter thinks you’re a rock star and you have a considerate spouse. How awesome!

2. You’ll develop impeccable radar.

five officemates smiling and talking at the office

If you often reflect on the fortunate events in your life, you’ll be able to spot a good opportunity a mile away. For example, you’ll be able to smell a promotion in the works or an opportunity to bring your family closer.

  • Actively seeking new opportunities to increase your personal quality of life and that of the ones nearest and dearest to your heart will fill your heart with accomplishment.

3. Giving to the less fortunate.

an office woman talking to a jobless man

When you’re thankful for the bed you sleep in at night, the roof shielding your family from the cold, the family on your couch and the food on your plates, you’re well aware of how fortunate you are. As a result, you’re more likely to jump at the opportunity to help someone in a worse position.

  • The smallest efforts from you could make a world of a difference in the life of another. Helping your neighbor craft his resume will help him provide for his family. Donating your used clothing will help keep the homeless warm. And taking part in a walk for breast cancer may give someone else the opportunity to live another day.
  • When you help others, you help yourself in many ways.

4. You’ll reach higher.

A woman standing and raising her hand on top of a mountain with graphic crown above her head

Your grateful ways are a blessing. You appreciate life more intensely when you’re grateful. You also see each day as another chance to bring more joy to your reality, lifestyle, and future.

  • It’s perfectly normal to be grateful for what you have, yet often desire to reach for more. Constantly improving your life is a good thing for you and your family.

5. Taking others into consideration.

A close-up image of a man reaching the hand of another

When you’re satisfied with your life and feel genuinely happy, you tend to treat others very kindly. You’ll be more likely to hold the door open at the mall for a stranger or pick up a fallen cane for an elderly man. Your own happiness is magnified when you help bring joy to others.

Your life begins to take a turn for the better when you keep in mind how fortunate you really are. The smallest details can boost your spirits. The misfortune of others will prompt you to help them seek support, and life just begins to look a little brighter.

Starting today, take your positive mindset to new heights and make every day a personal day of thanksgiving!

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