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A Beautiful Love

Louisa C. Wade

A Beautiful Love

An Anthology of Love Poems

Love comes in all forms because it can influence any part of our lives, whether self-love, familial, platonic, or romantic love. It is not about gender orientations or societal decisions. You can love who you want to live as long as it is fair and just. Love knows no bound.

A Beautiful Love: An Anthology of Love Poems is a collection of heartfelt, timeless verses that portrays the beauty, passion, and ecstasy of romantic love. This anthology, which includes writings by famous classical authors, is ideal for anybody who wants to understand the depths of romantic love. Whether you’re seeking the joy of simply being together or the heartbreaking beauty of longing for love, you’ll find it here. Readers will get to consider the various types of love through passionate reflections on life, death, and all the moments in between.

Through these poetic lyrics, uncover the beauty of love and the depths of passion.

Explore this book to learn about the power of love.

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