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Sweet Dreams Await II

Louisa C. Wade

Sweet Dreams Await II

A Timeless Collection of Classic Bedtime Short Stories for Kids

There are a lot of benefits that come from reading bedtime stories to your children. Such benefits are as follows: it links to higher academic achievement, children tend to have higher social skills and behavior, it is a way for children to learn new words and practice languages, reading together can help children understand the world better and develop empathy, and it is also a great bonding time for the family. 

Those benefits are a good reason why every family should make reading bedtime stories for their children an essential part of their night! 

Sweet Dreams Await II is another collection of classic bedtime short stories perfect for reading to your kids. I have carefully gathered more good stories for the parents, children and future generations.

Let’s ensure that the passion for reading with our kids is kept alive.

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