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For many families with children, reading bedtime short stories is a cherished part of the daily evening routine.

A recent survey by OnePoll found that 86% of parents love telling stories to their kids before bedtime. Moreover, three out of four parents said they hoped they could never stop telling their children stories, and another 23 percent said they have no plans to stop, according to the survey.

It is helpful to read bedtime stories to kids for various reasons. They can benefit academically, socially, and cognitively from it.

Here are the top five reasons why parents should read bedtime short stories to their kids.

1. Reading to children is linked to higher academic achievement.

A smiling blonde girl wearing a toga.

Reading bedtime short stories to your kids can raise their academic success, which is one reason for doing so. According to studies, kids who read too much have superior reading scores and overall grades than kids who don’t. Additionally, kids who are read to before bed tend to have better sleep patterns, which can help them focus and pay attention during the day.

2. Reading to children is linked to better social skills and behaviour.

Three happy kids holding hands while strolling in a park.

Reading to your kids can also help them behave better and develop better social skills. Kids who are read to daily are more likely than others to engage in pro-social behaviours like sharing and cooperating. They also have superior communication skills and are more likely to settle conflicts peacefully.

3. Reading is a way for children to learn new words and practise language skills.

A smiling boy with a text bubble saying 'bonjour'

Reading is a chance for kids to practice language skills and acquire new vocabulary in addition to the advantages already discussed. Children who are read to frequently have wider vocabularies than those who are not. Further, they tend to have stronger grammar and syntax skills.

4. Reading together can help children understand the world better and develop empathy.

A toddler comforting his friend.

When we read a book, we immerse ourselves in the narrative. Through experiencing the lives of other characters and being able to relate to their emotions, this enables us to build empathy. Children can then apply this knowledge to empathise with others in the actual world.

5. Reading to children is a great bonding activity for the family.

A family reading a book altogether.

Storytime with our parents is the finest. Reading brings the magic that brings a family closer together and serves as a hub for pleasure, education, and deep connections.

Every family should make reading bedtime stories to their children a nightly ritual!

If you’re looking for the perfect book to read to your kids in ready for bedtime, here’s a suggested reading!

Sweet Dreams Await: A Timeless Collection of Classic Bedtime Short Stories for Kids by Louisa C. Wade. 

Book cover of Sweet Dreams Await by Louisa Wade.

Reading to your kids can help them wind down and relax before going to sleep. It is also a great bonding experience for both parents and kids. Additionally, reading bedtime stories can help to stimulate your kid’s imagination.

Sweet Dreams Await is a collection of classic short stories perfect for reading to kids at bedtime. The stories I carefully picked are enjoyable for parents and kids and can be shared for generations.

Let’s ignite our passion for reading with our kids.

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